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tropes_bingo challenge! (updated 16/7/14)
Roxas Naminé and Xion, embarrassed
Heh, I signed up for the tropes_bingo challenge thing over at dreamwidth, since it looked interesting enough. ^^; Got the whole year to do it, so who knows! I could actually get a writing challenge done! XD

Table's here. I'm just making this wee entry so that I can keep tabs on it and stuff (god I sound Irish sometimes XD).

Completed: 3/25 (need to upload two of them).

Fandoms done: Final Fantasy XIII series, Resonance of Fate.

Sharing a Bed
AU: Mundane


(I wanna do Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII series, Tales of the Abyss, Resonance of Fate, maybe Phineas and Ferb or TWEWY? OH, and Ni no Kuni!)

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Ah, so you have a Dreamwidth account, too? How does it compare to LJ? (I've heard that it's better. XD)

I looked up that challenge, but it seemed really confusing to me. ^^; Your bingo card looks fun, though! Enjoy writing for it! :D

I've never finished a writing challenge yet, but I still love them because they make me sooooooo much more productive than I would be otherwise. X3

I think I knew the reason for that before, but I forgot. ^^; Dreamwidth might explain it in their FAQ or something.
Ah, here it is:
"Dreamwidth Studios is based upon the LiveJournal codebase offered by LiveJournal, Inc. We've taken the LiveJournal server code and updated, modernized, and streamlined it -- and we make all of our changes available under an Open Source license."

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